Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Screenplay Story Ideas - Now what?

. Saturday, March 14, 2009

So, you have this Idea that just hit you for a movie screenplay. It interests you and you know exactly why it would interest others. You know the genre you're going to write about. But, before you start writing the draft, you have to analyze the Idea you had in the first place and think about the possibilities and other details to take in consideration.

-If your idea was sparked by an event, how did you find it? Was it reading the local newspaper? a magazine article? Your friend told this story? It can be anything, anything out of the ordinary that you could make it work cause everything happens for a reason, and by using your imagination, just wonder with the possibilities.
-Was your idea about a character? Well, research is needed: Someone caught your eye that you thought was intriguing? If you read about a character in a book, you may do some historical research and find fact about her. If it's someone you know, you may watch that person closely or you may even try to schedule an interview.
-Did your idea come from a conversation with a friend? or just something you overheard while sitting in the park? It doesn't matter if you overhear something from someone that you don't know or with a friend, conversations are always a great way to have your imagination going with vivid images of the situations that are being chatted about.
-Was it sparked by a location? A great scenic view of a lake or river, mountains or even a city can always trigger something. When i talk about location, i mean anywhere. something funny that happens in your office, A proposal at the rooftop of a 13th floor building while the sun is setting etc... Just note all the little details of that image: smell, layout, lighting, colors and sounds.
-Maybe from other art related material like pictures, paintings, museums, books, poetry... What inspired you by it? the poet that was spilling his heart on the paper, the tight streets on a small street in a small town of Italy...

Your work may start where another artist ended.

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Anonymous said...

WARNING TO SCREENWRITERS: Beware of THE HAPPY WRITERS, (Stage 32) Joey Tuccio. They claim to offer online and verbal pitches to development executives, agents and managers. I recently bought a written pitch service for $45. After a few days I was sent back a standard rejection; PASS that made no sense at all.
It said that the my pitch took TOO LONG to get to the logline. My logline was at the very top of the pitch! It also said that I needed to focus on the cast of characters??? You ALWAYS focus on the protagonist and his/her disadvantage as well as transformation and obstacles, which I did.
Lastly, the PASS email said that I didn't include anything on why this story stands out??? I wrote and entire paragraph about why this story is very unique and how it will grab an audience.
IDEA THEFT is rampant in Hollywood and if I had time I can tell you several recent sad stories about how your ideas get stolen online by unscrupulous services like Virtual Pitch Fest and The Happy Writers. You may want to think twice about services like these unless you want to give your ideas away to uncreative staff writers who are under pressure to come up with something new!!!

Mark Claro

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