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You're working a full time job and have alot of responsibilities in your daily/personal life. At night, after a long day at work, run errands etc... you doze off on your couch watching TV. And you dream of being a writer, 24/ 7 365 days a year? I do too.
All day we tell ourselves that we're going to write when we get home but when we finally get home from work, we're tired and sometimes de-motivated. Trying to arrange some time, but it's never enough without dropping other responsibilities.

Here are some tips, to, use any and all time that you may have available whether you're at work or other places where you could be jotting down ideas:
-Carry a notebook with you at all times. Sometimes the bus can be late, the client doesn't show to a meeting or you are stuck in traffic and a great idea pops into your head.
-Get a voice recorder.
At home:
-Write when you can. Prioritize your free time. Instead of watching tv or doing useless internet browsing just finish that outline, read your draft again, research your character's backstory. Basically, use your time wisely and work on your project. Everybody says "write everyday" but it doesn't happen that way. Write often as you can. Try to block your time
-Schedule a time block to write and let everybody in your family and friends know that, for example, sunday mornings from 8am to 11am you are writing and yo cannot be disturbed.
-Read other screenplays. READ!!! Read books about screenwriting. READ!!
-Don't lie to yourself. Just do it.


Armando S. Cabral said...

True that Man..

Solomon said...

I'm a freelance copywriter, and want to learn script writing. Can you pls. help me go about it? Can you refer some good sites where I can get some insights.
Thanks for this post, it's quite inspiring!

Jason said...

Thanks, and i hope you enjoy my posts as a i try my best to motivate any and everyone as best i can.
i would check out: this website is very good in all aspects.
Other then this one you can google and you will find lots of them, but the problem will be all the scattered information you will find.
Let me know if this was helpful and i hope you return soon!!

Jessica said...

Hi, nice articles here, got to read each of them to become even half of what a beginner writer should be. :p

I do freelance stuff, occasionally I encounter opportunities for writing scripts that pays well, but I am not even a beginner, I am just a film enthusiast who love to read blogs and articles talking about the basics of writing or screenwriting, for that matter. Goodness, I don't even know proper punctuation much less write something worth anybody's time.

I would love to partner with a pro, though, who knows I could point him/her to some direction and get a portion of the budget for being "resourceful." :) You can reach me at

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