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. Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I always wanted to start this sort of blog.
One of the purposes is to help people with their own screenwriting, or any writing. The reason is, when doing my research, i found that the internet has any and all information that you need but the problem, is that, it's scattered and is very hard to find stuff without wasting time, and like me, i know that time is not on your side and that any minute that we could be writing instead of browsing for useless information, is worth it.
In this blog i will have tips, techniques and other stuff that helped me write in several situations and in different projects.
Hopefully this will be helpful to you.


Anonymous said...

Where and when did you actually started writing? What inspired you?

Aceman said...

i found this very informative i will be coming back for more hopefully you will keep adding to this thank you. This will help me in a pet project i am starting to work on, Peace.

Armando S. Cabral said...

Hi there, Have you read any good books that you would highly recommend??

ScreenplayJ said...

I have read alot but usually what i read are books that have become movies so i can relate and try to analize diffrences between the movie and book. Try to figure out what and why some scenes weren't put in the motion picture. I'll give you a couple out the top of my head:
I read some Nicholas sparks stuff, chick fliks!! "A walk to remember" and "the notebook", and after watching the movie i read the screenplay also.

Armando S. Cabral said...

Thank you

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