Saturday, April 4, 2009

Screenwriting with passion! Why screenwriters write...

. Saturday, April 4, 2009

I would like to take the time to just write a small post on why write. My opinion, we write because we have something to say or show, that has never been written in the way you will express it into the screen or paper. The hardest thing to do, is actually write. Our lives get in the way and then something that we have a true passion for, and would do almost anything to become/ achieve, quickly becomes a dream instead of working on it to make it a reality. Treat screenwriting as something that you have to do, put it in your schedule, make it a part of your life, and believe it. Ask yourself: What will i do in order to have time to write? How far am i willing to go to achieve this goal? What is the importance of my writing to me, and how should I prioritize it among the other 100 tasks in my daily routine?
I just keep saying this to all of you, Just do it! Don't lose your focus on your true passion and purpose!


Anonymous said...

You, re totally right... i love your blog posts, they seem very honest! Great screenwriting posts!!

Anonymous said...

You're tottaly right.. Our busy list often don't let us just sit and relax and actually write.. Prioritizing is the key!!

Screenwriting Contests - Josh said...

Well written, I think. One should always reflect on why they're doing what they're doing, and make it a part of themselves, if they wish to truly succeed.

Marcus said...

I wanna share this trailer for this film called Catfish. It looks really weird and I can't figure out if it's real or not....

Ephraim Rodriguez said...

I write because if I don't then whatever I wouldn't write calls out, "write me, write me, write me," like an alarm clock that you can't unplug. The snooze button works but the amount of time that can pass before the alarm sounds again varies and the lack of rest is no way to live my life. So I write.

However, finding people to read and comment on my work is much much harder and can make the voices in your head pretty much make you feel like you are crazy. Why write if no one will read what you wrote? I do not have the answer to this question but here's my blog wherein I post my screenplay in progress in hopes some kind soul out there might offer critique, suggest, comment, anything...

danmanc said...

I've been thinking about why we write. What is the payoff? - recognition of course - but what drives us to write even if we know the chances of the script being made are very, very small.
It's within us all to create meaning and make sense of our existence, emotion and personal journey.
But as writers paradoxically we tend to be on the outside but our interest remains within
that's what concerns us - emotion.
Maybe we are optimists looking for a linked meaning connecting the dots to aid ourselves in feeling certainty. Or maybe we're fantasists
unable or unwilling to deal with facts and logic
the great unknown that promises no security.
Maybe even spin doctors spinning hope, truimph and meaning false promises, false testimony
To the mass of fragile people.
No matter we keep going

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